American Services is a Contractor providing National Service for Commercial Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Electrical, and other Contracted Services.

We employ and maintain our own Field Technicians through local branch offices. As an active service company, we keep current with industry Codes and Standards, Service Practices, Labor Management, Material and Labor Pricing. We provide the administration with all the technical skills to manage and oversee the work required in our industry.

PM Service tasks are identified and illustrated in our Company Handbook. This Handbook establishes uniformity and compliance within our industry's high standards.

The Service Tasks are generated by a listing provided from the Equipment Manufacturers, along with many others identified as Industry Standards. The Service Tasks are detailed within the Exhibit of our Agreement.

PM pricing is effectively estimated to identify the service time required for each type and size of equipment to comply with the tasks as listed within the Exhibit. This Actual Service Time is also identified under our Exhibits. This Service Time illustrated has been measured by our Field Technicians and serves as an industry benchmark to ensure sufficient time is allowed for quality in the PM service tasks.

PM scheduling is computerized. The computer automatically schedules PM Services at the beginning of each month for all facilities due. A Service Order is then generated for each location and scheduled.


Our Service Dispatch System identifies the assigned Field Technician to ensure service continuity.

The coordinator reviews the Equipment Type and Facility Notes during their dispatch. This information is passed onto the Field Technician to protect warranties, and in order for him to be more accurately prepared, bringing the required tools, parts and materials to the jobsite.

The coordinator reviews the Service History during entry of the service request. A possible Warranty or Call-Back is "Flagged" onto the work order. The Field Technician is asked to provide the reason for the call and a "No Charge Billing" is generated if a call back is determined.

Work over $1,000 typically will require photographs for determining the extent of the damage or required services, Unit & Coil Replacement, Ductwork Repair, Supply Fan Repair, Electrical Burns, or Exterior Compressor Damage are a few areas requiring photographs. Their use provides an illustration for evaluation miles away. The photograph can be enclosed with our proposal and forwarded onto our customer (YOU) for review.

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