Our Services have been designed to provide a full program for all stores geographically located throughout the United States. Our Programs are multi-faceted in that they encompass scheduled maintenance, emergency repair or on-call services, repair and retrofit projects, diagnostics and recommendations, historical trending and data retrieval, administration and reporting. Our programs offer year end budgeting based on the record retention of the equipment, age, existing condition and services provided during the year and our services are on-going.

• First Visit - We will identify the HVAC Equipment & Condition.
• Preventive Maintenance visits will include the calibration, adjustment, lubrication, inspection and filter
  replacement of the equipment.See Exhibits of the Agreement.
• Service is scheduled and provided on a routine basis.
• Operating conditions are recorded and retained.

• Emergency Service is available twenty four (24) hours, seven (7) days per week.
  Service is personable and is scheduled by phoning your stores' manager with the estimated time of arrival.
  This is then logged into the computer.
• Service is dispatched to provide arrival with the E.T.A. reported to your manager. Repairs inexcess of our
  authorization limit will be submitted for your approval prior to commencing work.

• SERVICE STATUS REPORTING - Recaps all service requests received during the week and identifies their status.
  A description of the work provided is identified by store.
• PROJECT STATUS REPORTING - Recaps the progress, status, and schedules thru completion.
• OPEN QUOTE REPORT- Recaps all open quotes awaiting your approval.

• HISTORY REPORT - Recaps each stores' service history, illustrating the work request, work performed,
  service dates, the invoice amounts, the reason for the call, the work description, and the stores proposals.
• A listing of the service expenditures are identified by type of service requested and totaled by each store.

• BUDGET REPORT - Identifies each store and provides a forecast of the anticipated expenditures for the
  up-coming fiscal year. The report is based on the data submitted during the year's service along with“ the
  data obtained on the equipment list andoperating condition.

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