• American Services ARH, Less 10%
• Broker ARH, Plus 22%
• A Net Savings of 32%!

American Services has many offices in every state. We are 30 minutes from any location.
28 branch offices in Texas alone!

• This provides little, if any travel time.
• This provides immediate response time.
• This provides local inventory.
• This provides a local pride of workmanship.

Brokers usually have only 1 office providing statewide coverage.
• This contributes to extra travel time and delays to cover remote ares.
• This requires return trips and they must travel longer distances for parts.
• Brokers must schedule next day since they may be 2 to 4 hours away.
• Brokers are a broker only and not knowledgeable of contractor work standards.
• Brokers do not employ their own field technicians and do not have the control.
• Brokers rely solely on a network of subcontractors and their daily schedules.
• Brokers rely on one source for part availability, usually not the best pricing, and cannot locate from
  a National inventory.
• Brokers are administrators and cannot offer technical support.
• Brokers pass on all costs and do not minimize part costs or are able to enforce labor hour standards.

• ASI is a licensed HVAC, Refrigeration Electrical and General Contractor employing its own company
   technicians able to provide direct field servicing.
• Our technicians have Nextel phones to communicate and e-mail information immediately.
• ASI knows labor standards and labor expectations to minimize errors.
• Material pricing is easily verified, since we are in the business as a contractor and know the
   “current” and “actual” costs.
• ASI purchases units and compressors direct, saving subcontractor mark-ups, obtaining national
  manufacturer volume discounts & obtaining immediate national availability.
• ASI provides one national warranty source.
• ASI personnel are technically trained to support the customer and speak directly to our subcontractors to
  enhance technical specifications.
• We can effectively communicate expectations and discuss very technical issues and provide
  immediate solutions.
• As a contractor, we can challenge and then work with our subcontractors to ensure correct pricing,
  correct workmanship and that the correct services are provided within in a very technical industry.

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